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Well Testing


oil well

Archer’s well testing services are critical for ensuring that our clients are able to fully capitalize on production opportunities.

Our staff and services combine expert knowledge and well-designed equipment to provide customers a complete line of well testing and flowback solutions. From monitoring the well flowback to generating reports, we help evaluate the well and prepare it for or return it to production.

Lary Archer & Associates mix traditionally proven technology with innovative new techniques to ensure clear evaluations and accurate results. Providing services and equipment not offered by other companies elevates the benefit of retaining us on your job.

Our Well Testing Services:

  • Electronic gas measurements
  • Electronic fluid measurements
  • API gravity monitoring
  • Chloride readings
  • Real-time reporting
  • Low emission capabilities

Whether performing drill-outs, washouts, flowbacks, snubbing or well control operations, we provide the application-specific equipment needed to successfully execute the project.

Well Testing Equipment:

  • Flowback manifolds
  • Three-phase, high volume separators
  • Sand separators
  • Flare stacks