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Portable Nitrogen Units


Portable Nitrogen Unit

Archer Nitrogen Injection

 Nitrogen gas is a readily-available resource that makes up 79 percent of the air we breathe. Membrane Nitrogen units extract Nitrogen from the surrounding air for use in various applications. This can include “pigging” pipelines to remove debris, pressure testing pipelines and natural gas plants, and supplying nitrogen to methane coalmines in order to prevent fires and make breathing easier for crews.

We at Lary Archer & Associates provide a range of services supporting the oil and gas industry. We build and provide rentals of our High-Capacity, Stationary and Portable Membrane Nitrogen units producing a range of 1,000 to 3,900 PSI and nitrogen production of 400 to 1200 scfm’s depending on the feed supply.

Our Nitrogen equipment is used to remove fluid from gas wells in methane shale formations. About 90 to 95% of these wells require this service.

When the equipment arrives on location, the work crew will connect the Nitrogen Unit and Combination Trailer to the wellhead. A frac tank and a flare stack are then connected to the Combination Trailer.

Because water is naturally present within these formations after a well has been drilled,perfed,and fracced, it can slowly seep through the fracs and into the wellbore. Over time the fluid slowly fills the well, which gradually causes production to decline. When the hydrostatic pressure of the water exceeds the pressure of the gas being produced, the well will die. Our Nitrogen Unit and Combination Trailer have also been very effective in reducing the decline in aging reservoirs.

Nitrogen is collected from the atmosphere and compressed through the Nitrogen Unit. The gas is then pumped down the casing and up the tubing. As it fills the well, the water is pushed through the wellbore, up the tubing and out to the surface. Foam can also be used in this process if the fluid is too heavy for the Nitrogen to lift. The process will also ensure the casing is clear to total depth. If an obstruction is found a work over rig and power swivel can be brought in to clean the well.

The water and gas are filtered through the Combination Trailer as they exit the well. The water is sent out to the frac tank for storage and future recycling while the gas is flared off and a test is ran – measuring and projecting the well’s gas and oil production.

When there are no pipelines available, this process can also be used to establish a flow rate during a specific time period so producers can hold their lease.

Because Nitrogen is non-flammable and non-corrosive at concentrations of 94% or greater, it is environmentally safe and an excellent resource for oil and gas producers.